4 Questions All Speakers Should Ask To Make More Money

4 Questions All Speakers Should Ask To Make More Money Subscribe Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Show Notes This episode gives speakers 4 very simple questions they should be asking in their business to learn how to properly address and attract prospects. Don’t miss this episode. Don’t forget to get your free marketing toolkit […]

Between the Dream w/Richard Taylor

Podcast Interview Between The Dream Episode Description In this engaging episode Richard is joined by fellow story teller & author Odell Bizzell. Bizzell & Taylor talk about entrepreneurs having to figure it out during Covid-19. They also talk about working in the same fields and for spaces, but taking a unique approach to not fear […]

Protect Your Smarts w/Ticora Davis

Podcast Interview Protect Your Smarts Episode Description Odell Bizzell is an author, blogger, professional speaker, and entrepreneur. He’s an author of 5 books and as a professional speaker he’s spoken in over 30 states and his message reaches tens of thousands of students every single year. Share this episode Share on facebook Share on twitter […]

Diner Talks with James Robilotta

Podcast Interview Diner Talks With James Episode Description My man Odell Bizzell II slid into the diner booth with me this week. He and I have known each other for a number of years from the speaker circuit and I have always respected his hustle. We talked about how he and I travel differently and […]

The Confident Speaker Podcast

Podcast Interview The Confident Speaker Podcast Episode Description Speaker, coach and six-figure earner Odell Bizzell joins us to break down the business of speaking. He shares how to market yourself as a speaker, mistakes new speakers make, how to craft email pitches that get noticed and setting speaker fees. Share this episode Share on facebook […]

Speaking 4 Profit with Evolve Benton

Podcast Interview Speaking 4 Profit Episode Description Welcome to Speaking 4 Profit, where your voice is your power! I’m Evolve Benton and for this Speakers Room Live episode, Odell A. Bizzell II discusses the path to success through impactfulness. Share this episode Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email

What’s my Story Podcast with Robert Kennedy III

Podcast Interview What’s My Story Episode Description “People buy from people they like” What were you doing when you were in high school? Were you just hanging out playing video games? Or were you busy creating a business that allows you to make $75,000 before you could graduate? What’s In Store For You: He’s a […]

Speak Your Way to Cash- Ashley Kirkwood

Podcast Interview Speak Your Way To Cash Episode Description In this episode, Ashley speaks to Odell Bizzell, a speaker, and author who works with TRIO, colleges all around the country and various other large nonprofits! He explains how he finds speaking clients, why he targeted TRIO and what he would do differently if he could […]

The Wealthy Speaker- Jane Atkinson

Podcast Interview The Wealthy Speaker Podcast Episode Description Finding your niche and your market is so important in the speaking industry.  Picking your lane and realizing who that speaks to is essential in creating the business of your dreams.  Not only will that get you booked, but when done correctly, it can also get you […]

The Social Proof Podcast

Podcast Interview The Social Proof Podcast Episode Description Public speaking is a lucrative and extremely purposeful business opportunity. Odell Bizzell has shared the stage with Oprah Winfrey, Stephen A. Smith, and a host of other notable celebrities and public figures. In this episode he opens up the game on how to master, monetize, and build […]