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How to Get Booked at Colleges in 30 Days

This audio training is super special. Don't miss the significance of this audio recording as the panel breaks down the specific formula you need to book speeches in 30 days! Don't miss this one.

How to Make Your Virtual Gigs Fire

In almost 2 hours of pure content you will receive this masterclass on the type of lighting, sound, and other components you need to make sure your virtual events pop so that you can position yourself to be paid.

Marketing Secrets for Speakers

In this deep dive training, Odell Bizzell (your favorite speaker's favorite marketer) will be breaking down the only way he is going to be marketing from now on after getting booked 23 times in Q1 of 2021.

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The information I’ve gained from Odell has helped change my business for the better, meaning I did what he said and made more money. You’d be wise to do the same!

Kelly D. Parker

Speaker Confidence Coach. Podcast Host.

Odell gives you his entire marketing playbook. I’ve made thousands of dollars and booked multiple speaking fees just by doing what Odell said. I still can’t believe he gives this stuff away, it’s incredible!

Geo Derice

Speaker. Author. President of 20/20 Living Publishing.

Odell has helped my business in a great way through subtle tweaks and steps. You’ll benefit from following him and listening to the quiet things he says. It’s those things, that get you booked, but you have to pay close attention.

Justin Aldridge

Speaker. Author. President of 20/20 Living Publishing.