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“People buy from people they like”

What were you doing when you were in high school? Were you just hanging out playing video games? Or were you busy creating a business that allows you to make $75,000 before you could graduate?

What’s In Store For You: He’s a nationally-known blogger, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. And while he was in school, he started a small candy retail distribution center. This candy distribution center earned him over $75,000 while in high school!

He’s a successful keynote speaker and he’s presented on the same stages as Super Bowl winning coaches, Stephen A. Smith, Dave Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, national politicians. He has been featured in USA Today, Yahoo!, CNBC, and over 200 media outlets. He’s partnered with many colleges, universities, youth organizations, and the military to reach tens of thousands of adults.

Let Odell Bizell II tell the tale of his journey from success to failure to even more success in life and in business.

[04:30] How did Odell’s Candy Retail Distribution Center start in High School?

[09:13] How did Odell and his friend made the decision on what candies to sell?

[13:04] What was one big lesson that he took away from that experience he had in high school that Odell still applies until now?

[18:09] From a student entrepreneur to an employee — what prompted him to bow out of entrepreneurship at the beginning of his career?

[22:33] What was the breaking point for Odell that made him decide to pivot to a career that he was passionate about?

[26:54] How does Odell work with people to help get them make money with their own unique message?

[29:09] What’s the most amazing thing going on for Odell at the moment?

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